Saturday, February 5, 2011

Simple Steps On How to Start Your Internet Business

So, you want to start your own Internet Business?  Great! 

In this article, I'll give some simple steps to start your own Internet business. 

What is the purpose and a reason for you to start?  You probably already have a purpose for wanting to start an Internet business.  Mine was to make extra money and to some day get out of the rat race.  You might have a different reason to start a  Internet business; maybe as a necessity for staying at home with your kids, retirement, or the same reason as me.

1) Define your reason to start a business---

Set short term and long term goals.  Keep it simple and really think about what you are asking yourself to do. This will be the driving force behind your success.

For example, you’re starting your online business.  Your first goal can be having your first site up in a week or so.  Today with the right software, setting up a site is pretty easy. Take for instance a system like godaddy.   Yes, your first site can be done very fast and easy.  Don't let this step stop you on your tracks.

2) What do people need or want ?---

How can you fill that need or want and make a good living off of it.
As you already know Billions of people go online and money exchanges hands all the time. How can you be part of it? What makes your site different so people go on it and buy?  These are some questions to really think about.

If you have a product or service, then let everyone know through the Internet. Go to sites that might be your competition. How does your site out sell other sites?  Am I getting the wheels in your mind rolling by now.  Well, write all this down.

If you do not have a product, that’s fine:  Consider companies and product vendors that already have a product or service that fulfill those needs.  Remember, you can partner with them and promote their products or services.  Then, when their products/services are purchased through your link (or website), you earn a commission of the profits(Reseller, Affiliate Marketing).

So, now you cannot say that you do not have a product or service to sell.

3) To build a long lasting business there must be a concept called Value. ---

The more value your product has that fulfills the needs or wants the better. This is the primary reason for customers to come back to your site and buy more.  They see value in your product.

4) Now is the time to build your website. ---

Remember, do not be afraid and chicken out.  When I first started, I was afraid to make a mistake.  The nice thing about building a site is that you can do it over. You will need your own domain name and host. I go to godaddy all the time to get my stuff done.  They are simple and inexpensive.

You need to do these 3 steps :

A) You should purchase a domain name.  You can register with .com, .net, .org, or other; I suggest .com because it looks more like a real business. 
B) You should have hosting.  Hosting companies provide a server for your site to be on. There are numerous hosting companies, and godaddy is a reputable hosting company.
C) To establish your site by using the Godaddy builder which is very easy. 

5) Spread the word about your business. ---

Promote and advertise.  There are many ways to advertise and promote a product on the Internet. Most of us do not have the funds to promote, because money is very limited. However, one of the easiest and still the best way to get people to your site is through Search Engine Optimization(SEO).  This method is free, but hard slackers. Most of the time free means hard work ahead. What you need to do is write informative articles explaining your product on other sites like ezines, dashboard, etc.

6) Enjoy the rewards of your Business---
Hey, you got to have fun sometime, especially when the first order comes in, first commission, etc.  Have fun !!! Then get back to work !!

7) How can I improve my business---
All I have to say... is make better, and better, and better !! Figure out a way to always improve your site, your business, your promotion, etc.

Starting a web-business can be hard, but there are thousands who are successful in their business. 

You too can become successful!

I hope these simple steps lead you to greatness !!

If you want to go to godaddy and check things out for yourself  here is the link godaddy

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