Sunday, October 24, 2010

Why Create a Business Online -----

As I was getting ready to hit the freeway at 7 am so I can arrive at work by 9am the message button on my photo started to blink.   It was work trying to get a hold of me.   The message read, “No need to come in because the office is closed, your check will be sent to you via mail”. 
My life has changed from that second on. This whirlwind hit me and my family hard.   I was out of work for 14 months.  Had to give up all my possessions including my 3 homes, and came so close to living out on the streets.
After 30 years of working hard, feeling pain and struggle, and time spent away from my family.   How could all this happen ?  
All sense of security went out the window! 
The part that angers me the most is the owners of the company I was working for did not get wounded.  To them it was another venture, their fortunes were sound and secured.    
They say it takes a tragedy to bring out the best in us!
My decision to start something on my own was pretty obvious.  So, I started reading everything I could get my hands on, on How to Create Business Online.  A standard store front in today’s world is not efficient economically as an Internet business.  
Along the way, I came across some real flakes but I finally came across 2 individuals which have put me on the right track.  Good honest people that do not mind teaching others how they are achieving business success online.
Check these 2 people out, I'll  guarantee you will not be disappointed on what they teach.   Let me know what you think!
Liz Tomey ----
Pat Flynn  ----
One of the most important lessons learned is we all need something to fall back on just in case financial tragedy hits. 
Why work for someone and not have anything that is yours?
We all need to have a safe guard, whatever business it maybe. You need to look at doing something now.  Do not take any chances!
I did find another job and I work hard ; in fact,  I work harder than most at the company.    Don’t get me wrong....after work, I work even harder for myself.  Something that can be called mine!   This job is a means to pay all the bills while building my business on line.  I strongly recommend working while building your business, because most of the time these new venture don't succeed.  One day at a time, one move at a time, step by step.....Through  hard work it will come!!!

If you are going through or have gone through something like me, there is hope!!!
The first step is to get your hands on some really good products that can teach, or just make the entire process a little easier.   So, take a look at the 4 products below. 
These are a must for your online business. 
My products specifically help in areas of extreme need, and if you are just starting out, it is a must. 
Like list building, designing your website, why membership site are excellent areas to increase your business, software reselling, etc.
You will need to know all about each area of your online business and these products will not only help you achieve your goals but will also open other areas  to conduct business.    Try it out!!!
Taking the first step is the hardest, but everyone has to take it.  I took this step, a second, and a third.  You can too!!! Do not wait till it is too late…. 
To your success!
Jose’ P.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Yes, you do need to work....

You know, some times I would like to sit back and have all this money stuff work by it self.  Meaning, I just do not feel like doing what it takes to make my online business.... I guess you can say ; I do get LAZY.   Hey, it is alright sometimes , but if you do not put in the work .... there will be no benefits !!!!

Do I feel Lazy sometimes , yes!!!  Can I afford this feeling , no !!!   Here is the Key . Do not beat yourself up too much.  Pick yourself up and get the next item on you online business done.   It is a short race , it is a long hard race.  

This is why you need to check out my other posts and see the kinds of products I put together to make the whole process easier.   I tell myself many times a day to hang in there..... and I do.

One of the products I have is extremely useful to make it all happen   check it out softwareresellempire 

Can you imagine if you can go to one place to get all the useful software for your business ?  Well, here it is !!!  Try it out , let me know how you like it ?          softwareresellempire

To your success !!!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Quickly and Easily Create Your Own Membership Websites

On my last post you can see how important of having a customer list.   A good list can be a life changer!
So, if you have not got on and seen how we work the list , then check it out.  Very important business strategy !

Now, it is important to understand  this next concept of membership sites, really the foundation of making money online.

Do you know how to build membership sites so they are profitable?

Membership sites have the potential to dramatically change your financial life forever. It is not a secret that membership website model is on of the most profitable methods of building an online business to someday become an empire. Where owners can quickly have many subscribers/members and become successful online in a short amount of time.
Not only is this possible, but it is incredibly easy to do IF you have the right TOOLS to guide you step by step in the right direction or ....shall I say to a profitable direction.

Why is it that there are so many people out there say "Oh, you are wasting your time and money on sites like these. Besides, they are too hard to keep up anyway!" The only reason I have come up so far is, these same people do not want you to have a site, be successful in your site, so there is less competition for them online.

Listen and Listen good !!!!

Once you discover; just how incredibly easy setting up and running a membership website really is. Wow !! Then there is absolutely NO stopping you on what you can do with all the membership sites quickly you have created.

These is nothing stopping you from going into niche after niche and creating a successful profitable membership site.

Trust me, once I created my first successful membership site it was fast doing it over and over again.

Just to let you know , Membership Dream Course is not some get rich quick scheme or short-term cash system!! Yes, hands will get dirty and maybe a few blisters!! But this step by step course will answer all questions. If you do the work the reward will come....

Just imagine the thousands of topics that could be transformed into an insanely profitable site. From gardening tips, weight loss, parenting, dating, self help, job interview techniques.... you name it, it can be plugged into a membership site. All these site can be yours!!

Imagine getting paid every month from your is a special feeling when it was you that created it this or these site.

Membership Dream Course is simple and easy to follow. It is an excellent business model to follow that will pay you month after month.

If you would like to learn how; then take the first step me !!!

Visit ---

How to build an Opt-in list that works successfully everyday

It is true, without a list how can you make any money. It is an essential sound business practice that business owners build a good working list; however, it takes time. I know that countless hours can be spent without good results.

Why is a list so important? 1) When adding new products, the ease of promotion is not only fast but inexpensive. And this can happen instantly!!! 2) Also, you can broadcast in your auto-responder as a series of email blasts fast and easy.

People say building your mailing list is hard, and it is. I would not be sharing this information if this process of the business is easy. This is why a solid blueprint, step by step proven strategy that can be put in place is needed, so your list grows from week to week. This is where Your Extreme List Program can help with not only your list but your entire marketing program. In fact, your list is your most important marketing program technique.

Can you imagine how much money and time you could save by having a powerful built-in customer base contact? No more wasting hours on sending out ads or paying your good earned money to someone to post on newsletters, etc. We can keep on going on here! You can finally play in the same playing field with the big boys and actually succeed.

What you learn with Your Extreme List Program, will transform the way you do business online. By following the system closely your list will grow and day by day you will be able to make your full time income a reality. Your dream can actually come true!

Remember, now we are talking about implementing Your Extreme List Program in any niche! Whatever niche you are in this program will work! Wow! How powerful is that.

Just like anything else, work the work in a diligent way it will work for you. So, don’t waste time check out the system.   You got to go there now --- do not waste time!!!    

Here is to your success !!!  You have taken the first step!!!

Jose P.